KOTUG is committed to principles and practices that contribute to achieving our goals in a sustainable manner. Safe and sound operations for the well-being of all involved, respect for the environment, and an excellent level of training and competence are absolute requisites for achieving this goal. Our values are integrated into our daily business and are built around people, planet and business continuity.

Apart from running a sustainable organisation ourselves, we are also committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We do that with inventions that not only support the global energy transition but also improve the efficiency and safety of operations.


People are at the heart and soul of our company and make everything happen. Safe and sound operations for the well-being of all involved, and an excellent level of training and competence, are absolute requisites for achieving this. We recognize individual contributions and embrace diversity and gender equality. By providing coaching and opportunities for capability and skill-building KOTUG supports employee growth and professional development. We support the local communities where we operate. But above all, we operate as One KOTUG, One Team!


Minimize impact through innovation

It is our mission to provide sustainable and related services to the maritime industry. With our game-changing innovations, we aim to minimize environmental impact not only on our own operations but also on the operations of our customers wherever possible, using the latest technologies.

A selection of our green innovations:

Business Continuity

Embracing new technologies enable us to stay ahead in maritime excellence and to keep our license to operate. We are constantly innovating to contribute to more environmentally friendly operations. We develop solutions for disruptive occurrences such as a pandemic, for efficiency and for safety improvement.

A selection of our solutions:

Kooren Foundation

As a family-owned company, KOTUG is strongly engaged in helping people in need and contributing to a sustainable society.

For that purpose the Kooren Foundation was established; a charity with an ambition to help those in need of support and guidance to find their way back into safe harbours. 

People, Planet, Business Continuity
People, Planet, Business Continuity