SPM Operations & Maintenance

KOTUG’s Management Inspection Repair Maintenance & Operation (MIRMO) Service Program is the sole solution for comprehensive Integrity, Reliability and Availability assurance of a client’s Offshore Buoy Terminal.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our tailor based service includes the long term Operation and Maintenance contracts based on provision of the following (but not limited to) components:

  • Diving teams
  • Vessels
  • Crew for Operations

Single Point Mooring Services

Our focus is on performing the inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services at a Single Point Mooring (SPM), both topside and subsea, to ensure the facility reliability and availability is maintained at the levels required as well as to ensure retention of Class certification.  It also includes the pre- and post-berth inspection of the SPM.

This service also includes the preventive maintenance of the new facility which needs to be done from the moment of installation of the buoy and its handover to the final user/client.

Hose Inventory Management

The KOTUG Hose Inventory Management Solution provides a comprehensive Life Cycle Management service for both Submarine and Floating Marine Hoses used in Oil and Gas Offshore Terminal Loading & Unloading Facilities. The Hose Inventory Management solution is based on OCIMF guidelines and customized by KOTUG to the Client’s specific site and operational requirements, endorsed by our marine hose manufacturing Alliance Partners.

Hose Changeout

Hose change out is required as per OCIMF guidelines and in addition, needs to be replaced when damaged, obsolete or due to extreme events.  Such service includes:

  • Installation
  • Disassembly or assembly strings
  • Flushing
  • Removal
  • Launch or recovery
  • Towing
  • In Situ Testing

Emergency Pipeline Repair Services

Our focus is on providing the emergency response service to repair pipelines in the greater intertidal zone where conventional open water and land-based ERS machinery can’t reach / or function efficiently. The objective is to minimize the environmental impact and loss of production associated with unplanned events associated with pipeline integrity failures or accidental damages by using appropriate machinery and proven repair techniques to identify, isolate, contain, expose, repair / replace, restore and rehabilitate the site.

The ERS services consider the following main categories;

  • Intertidal Zone
  • Deep Water
  • OSR
  • Fire Fighting
  • Emergency Tow

Pipeline Solutions

Our focus is on providing pipeline cleaning, dewatering, de-oiling, flushing and fluid separation services, particularly for unpiggable pipelines and pipelines with sensitive linings, using elastic products.  The products are environmentally friendly and easily disposed of as they break down into non-invasive component elements.

We ensure the pipeline is filled correctly with preservation fluid and regularly monitors the condition thereof to ensure the protection of the pipeline during a preservation period.  The use of elastic pipeline products assists the filling of the pipeline with first oil to result in minimal mixing of the preservation fluid and first oil as well as it removes/cleans the pipeline before first use.

The pipeline solution services include the following main components;

  • PLEM Integrity Management
  • Pipeline Preservation & First Oil
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Free Span Correction
  • Scouring

Interface Management

On complex EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) projects consisting of various subcontractors, consultants and stakeholders, we provide the interface between all parties to ensure successful completion of the projects, in particular during the commissioning phase, by focusing on the overall objective and not just the objectives of the specific element of the project. It provides for efficient and effective completion of the project and continuity into the operations phase.

Tanker Operations

KOTUG provides all marine vessels and resources to ensure safe and efficient tanker mooring and unmooring at the SPM, hose connection and disconnection services as well as product transfer services and tier 1 oil spill response services required at the SPM.

This is a subset of tanker ops & SPM IRM that requires the marine vessels. We provide specialist personnel for maintenance and supervisory roles (Buoy Maintenance Supervisor, Mooring Master and Dive Supervisor) on short and medium term basis.

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