KOTUG International is a leading Towage Services provider, with a fleet of 100+ tugs active across the globe.


KOTUG’s areas of expertise include Terminal Towage, Harbour Towage, Offshore Operations and Salvage Operations. We charter vessels to clients worldwide on short and long term contracts. Our long-standing knowledge is consolidated in the Maritime Excellence Center which provides training and consultancy.


Headquartered in The Netherlands, KOTUG is active in Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean and continues to expand its operations worldwide.


We combine global knowledge with local expertise in several Joint Ventures with local partners. KOTUG is renowned for establishing solid, long-term business relationships with clients in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewables, Offshore and Port Authorities.


KOTUG is firmly committed to the highest industry standards of health, safety, environment, quality and security.







Life at sea for Kotug's female cadets

female brunei2 (1).png

In view of the World Seafarer Day with this year’s theme Empowering Women in the Maritime Community, Borneo Bulletin devoted an article to the female cadets on board our vessels in Brunei. At KOTUG International we encourage and celebrate diversity and inclusivity and are very proud of all the women we have on board our vessels and in our offices worldwide! We gladly embrace the #IAmOnBoardCampaign initiated by the International Maritime Organization. READ MORE

Fake emails


Please be advised someone is impersonating our CEO using a domain registration (www.kotugnl.com) at google domains. We have been alerted by different individuals who have been approached in a similar fashion. If you receive an email with the following extension …@kotugnl.com, please be aware that this is NOT sent by Kotug International: do not respond and delete it immediately. READ MORE


KOTUG firmly focuses on sustainability
and long-term business continuation.

safe and efficient towage services

KOTUG works with clients in Oil & Gas, Offshore, Mining and Shipping industries.


Our services include escorting, berthing and safety cover, including firefighting and oil pollution control.


Terminal Towage


KOTUG provides terminal towage assistance to Port Terminals as well as floating facilities such as FSO, FPSO, FLNG, FSRU, and SPM Terminals.


Offshore and Salvage Operations


We have a track record in assisting Rigs, Barges, Offshore Structures and Construction Modules. We also provide safe and professional salvage assistance across the globe.


Harbour Towage


In conjunction with our joint venture partners, KOTUG currently performs 90.000 towage assistances per year, safely assisting a vast range of vessels from and to their berthing places at the busiest ports in the world.