Reflecting on a Successful Mega Watt Event on 17 June at the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam!

June 18, 2024

KOTUG was honoured to participate in Shell’s exciting MegaWatt Show at the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA) on 17 June 2024. The event marked the unveiling of the first MegaWatt charger for marine and road transport, a significant leap towards the future of sustainable transport.    

As the operators of the first fully electric pusher tug in commercial service, we were excited to see the MegaWatt charger in action. This cutting-edge technology promises super-fast, efficient, and reliable charging, aligning perfectly with our commitment to innovation and sustainability.    

The insightful discussions and live demonstrations underscored the MegaWatt charger’s potential to revolutionise marine transportation, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency. This advancement is a crucial step towards achieving the EU’s 2050 and the Netherlands’ 2030 emission-free transport targets.  

 Thank you to Shell and all participants for a fantastic event. We look forward to integrating this game-changing technology into our operations and continuing our journey towards a greener future.