Practical Manoeuvring Simulation Courses

These training courses take place in a state-of-the-art simulator, combined with practical training on board a tug. The trainers are highly experienced experts in tugs and towage who will guide you towards becoming a towage expert yourself.

Basic Tug Handling

  • Mooring
  • Unmooring
  • Sailing ahead and astern
  • Turning
  • Side stepping
  • Emergency stops
  • Coping with currents and other relevant aspects

Basic Harbour Towage

  • Connecting to moored vessels and vessels at moderate speed with and without current
  • Coming alongside
  • Push-pull
  • Following up pilot commands
  • Direct and transverse arrest
  • Direct and indirect steering

Advanced Harbour Towage

  • Connecting at high speed
  • Coping with and avoiding the influence of ship/tug interaction
  • Getting more insight
  • Speeding up your manoeuvres
  • Dealing with push pull at speed
  • Avoiding donkey effects

Escort Towage (advanced)

  • Escorting ships at different speeds under different circumstances and environmental conditions

ICE class training

  • Manoeuvring Tugs in icy, sub-zero conditions