Other training programs

In addition to the extensive Towage and Tug knowledge and practical manoeuvring courses, KOTUG also provides the following courses:

Safe LNG Carrier Assistance training

Handling a tug to ensure safe operations and adequate emergency response for LNG carriers and facilities, according to SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tankers & Terminal Operators) principles. The course teaches Tug Masters how to safely handle emergencies.

The training course is structured around the SIGTTO Top Events (events that could happen):

  • Loss of Containment
  • Collision / Grounding
  • Loss of Position
  • Intrusion

Sail in port courses

This is a traing course for Cargo Vessel Captains and is often adapted to suit the client’s specific wishes. A training can consist of the following elements: sailing into the port from open sea using a simulator (port of choice and with pilot guidance). The captains will get an explanation on various tug types (conventional, ASD, ATD, Voith, Rotor, Carousel, Eddy tugs, etc.)
Manoeuvring characteristics of their own vessels will be discussed and a risk assessment can be made with the group of vessel captains, tug captains and a pilot.

Sail in port courses with Bridge Resource Management (BRM)

As above, but during harbour towage, events will occur with which captains have to cope. At the end of this course, the captains will receive a BRM certificate.

HSE Leadership training (HELM)

This is a unique course for tug officers with special focus on HSE leadership. It is a ‘Human Element, Leadership and Management course’ at management level. This course will be STCW certified soon.

AB training

Seamanship, deck equipment, tow configurations, making bridles, specific hazards, hoisting and winching, etc.

Splice and wire handling course

During this course , you will learn several splices in order to correctly splice 3, 8 and 12 strand ropes. It also teaches how to maintain artificial towing gear, how to recognize wear and tear, etc.

Performing drills

In accordance with the client’s manual.

HSE related training

Based on clients QHSE manual, how to make a risk assessment, perform a job safety analysis, create a work permit, tag in/tag out, etc.