Online Tug Training

Join our virtual learning environment. This is NOT an e-learning tool but a real online training, participants enter a virtual classroom, were our trainers offer real-time training as part of our distance learning platform. Our online program offers you the opportunity to take the theory course of our various training in advance without losing out on classroom experience. At a later stage, you follow the simulator- and real-life tug training to complete the course.

Classroom experience:
Classes are taught by experienced trainers explaining you all matters of the training subject in detail and helping you to understand all theory in-depth.

During the entire course you are in direct contact with the trainer and you can ask all you want and the lecturer can thus zoom in on your personal work situation, giving you the best possible benefit of the course.

We share screens, and exercises and situation drawings are part of the lessons to make sure all teaching material is well understood.

Learn the theory behind tug driving, line forces, thruster forces, thruster settings, ship-ship interaction, tug stability, and everything you want to learn about operating any kind of tug, our distance learning theory platform Contains the following courses:

  • Basic Tug handling
  • Harbour Towage
  • Escort Towage and advanced Harbour towage

Upon request we also make tailormade courses.

When you pass the examination questions at the end of each subject and overall exam at the end of the course you will get a TTC Certificate of theoretical Knowledge.

The Certificate will be your entrance to a shortened Simulator training as well.

You can follow this one day course when you have a computer and internet and when you understand and speak English, Dutch, or French.

Training dates are each Tuesday and each Thursday or upon request.

Sign up:
You can sign up by sending a mail to mentioning the course you want to follow, your full name, invoice address, email address, telephone number and company if applicable. We will get back to you within 24 hours to plan the date and time.