Fast Crew Transportation

KOTUG works with a new design of fast crew-supplier vessels (FCS) purpose-built to support Offshore Terminal Operations. Three of our newly built FCS, are working on term contracts for an IOC, providing in-field passenger transfer services.

The proven Axe Bow design enables our FCS to provide safe and comfortable travel at higher speeds while also permitting the safe transfer of personnel on an offshore boat-landing.  These FCS operate at an economic speed of 30 knots, are fitted with an EFMS (Electronic Fuel Monitoring System), and furthermore as part of the new design elements, they have strengthened mooring fittings (2T capacity) and a mooring capstan (1.7T), which serve as valuable assistance to support with hose clearing and handling.

To facilitate an economical and superior 24 x 7 operational endurance, a crew accommodation is placed on board, thereby saving our clients considerable expenses by not having a requirement for crew to stay ashore and incur hotel and meal expenses.

In addition, for passenger comfort, these FCS are fitted with reclining business class seating for 30 persons and are fitted with full VSAT (including Wi-Fi for passengers). 

For our operations in the Bahamas we use the Capt. Leroy, a 48’ (14,6 m) line handler, and the KSM Speedy a 50’ (15,2 m) catamaran for crew transportations to Buckeye Bahamas Hub Terminal, the largest petroleum products terminal in the Western Hemisphere.