Reduction of Outsourced Jobs

May 4, 2020

We have seen a lot of ports around the globe, and we have seen that in the majority of these ports, competing towage operators seem to be each other’s best clients. In cases of high towage demand and a shortage in equipment it frequently happens that voyages are outsourced to competing operators. The goal is to satisfy clients and to avoid unacceptable delays of moving vessels and to make sure that the client is served on time. The downside of this temporary imbalance between supply and demand is that these types of “giveaways” often result in a financial loss on these jobs.

As KOTUG OptiPort, is fully data driven, it is capable to plan in a smarter way, by the use of artificial intelligence in its models. As a result, OptiPort will not avoid outsourcing of jobs, but it will definitely reduce the number of outsourced jobs. In return OptiPort makes it possible to do more jobs yourselves, which improves coverage of your fixed cost and will improve your bottom-line results.

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