Priority Towage

April 27, 2020

KOTUG OptiPort, the first dispatch tool for nautical service providers, using Artificial Intelligence, is fully data driven. One of the nice features we have developed over the last years, is the so-called Priority Towage functionality. This functionality allows your team to prioritize certain clients or vessel types over others.

This functionality is especially valuable when certain vessel types can under no circumstances be delayed due to (for instance) tidal restrictions. In such cases OptiPort can prioritize tidal restricted vessels over non tidal restricted vessels to make sure that there will be always capacity available for such vessels. The non-tidal restricted vessel will in such cases be delayed, outsourced depending on your company’s preferences.

The same could happen with some of your commercial relationships which under no circumstances be delayed or outsourced to a competing operator. The Priority Towage functionality will assure that these kind of commercial agreements will always be honored which results in satisfied clients and long lasting relationships.

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