Notifications for Speed and Tug Departure Time

April 6, 2020

KOTUG OptiPort, the first dispatch tool for nautical service providers, using Artificial Intelligence, is fully data driven. Its data and the artificial intelligence models are able to send push notifications at cost related events.

OptiPort plans that a tug has to leave its actual position at a certain time to be able to sail to its assigned job at the most economical speed. Once OptiPort detects that a tug has not left its position on time, it will automatically send a notification, including the estimated additional cost, to the planner to help him better manage the dispatch process. In such event he/she will be able to contact the tug master to check what’s going on, and what should be done to arrive at the job in time.

The vessel speed notifications also contain the element of currents and tidal effects. OptiPort even plans departure times where the tug is able to take the optimal mobilization start, to ride a tide to the full extent if possible.

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