Dynamic Pickup & Dropoff Locations

March 16, 2020

Knowing where and when a vessel needs to be picked up, or dropped off by a tug is heavily dependent on vessel size, draft and cargo. Unfortunately, the reality is that no-one knows exactly where these locations are, which makes it hard to exactly know when a tug will start or when it will have finished its job and when/where it will be available for its next assignment. Creating an efficient planning of the available tugs without this knowledge, especially on in the scenario of a very busy day, soon becomes a best guess instead of a fact based event.

OptiPort, the first dispatch tool for nautical service providers, using Artificial Intelligence, is fully data driven, and contains exactly the above mentioned data; vessel size, draft and cargo, and thus exact pick up and drop off locations are known well in advance. The result? OptiPort plans the tugs in the most efficient way, reduces human errors and optimizes the use of your available equipment.

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