TasPorts welcomes RT Force to its fleet

June 19, 2021

The first Rotortug operating on the East Coast of Australia

KOTUG announces the charter agreement with TasPorts, Tasmania. TasPorts has welcomed RT Force to its towage fleet at the Port of Bell Bay, in a demonstration of the company’s commitment to continually managing marine risk and enhancing the services provided to customers. All training, both for the tug crews and marine pilots, has been conducted in Tasmania at the Australian Maritime College under the guidance of KOTUG’s dedicated Training & Consultancy division.

TasPorts ChiefExecutive Officer Anthony Donald said the 80-tonne bollard pull Rotortug would support existing and future projected shipping needs and volumes.

“This will be the first Rotortug operating not just in Tasmania but on the East coast of Australia,” Mr Donald said. “The Rotortug is one of the most capable tugs in the industry and is utilised by some of the world’s largest ports such as Rotterdam, Port Hedland and Brunei, to manage risk and optimise shipping. “RT Force will also be a key element in ensuring the reliability of our customer’s supply chains through improved risk mitigation at one of Tasmania’s major deep water commercial ports.”

“We are very happy that the RT Force has set sail to Tasmania to support the operations of TasPorts,” said Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO of KOTUG International B.V and Rotortug B.V.

“For sure this robust vessel will improve the operations in terms of redundancy, cost savings, faster handling and accurate maneuvering and enhanced safety. We look forward to a great cooperation.”