Sustainability Pressure Cooker

April 19, 2021

Master students challenged with assignment on sustainable global procurement platform

April 19, 2021

Today, a group of 100 students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences were briefed for a challenging assignment for KOTUG International as part of their Master in International Supply Chain Management. In a pressure cooker trajectory of five days the students dive into the challenge ‘How to move from the traditional purchase model to a sustainable global procurement platform?’

KOTUG has a strong focus on sustainability-focused innovations that tackle and fast forward global transformations. One aspect to realise sustainability is the right sourcing of spare parts and potentially use of additive manufacturing to ensure the continuity of maintenance, repair and operations. In this pressure cooker the students are challenged to propose sustainable solutions for the sourcing and procurement of the spare parts of KOTUG’s worldwide operational fleet.

Parallel to this assignment, a group of students from the HSE University in St. Petersburg will look into the financial part of the proposals. Willem van Woercom, Director Operations of KOTUG International: “We are very excited about this challenge and we encourage the teams to think out of the box. We are very grateful to both the Rotterdam School of Applied Sciences and the National Research Institute of Saint Petersburg for this joint project. We are looking very much forward to this coming Friday when the students will present their ideas.”