KOTUG’s growth in Guyana accelerates with expanded fleet

November 14, 2023

KOTUG International B.V. through its 100% owned and operated affiliated company “KOTUG Guyana Inc.” strengthened its position in Guyana with the arrival of three (3) additional Offshore Terminal Tugs to support ExxonMobil Guyana’s offshore operations.

SD Power and SD Honour engaged in a tanker lifting operation at the Stabroek Field, Offshore Guyana South America

With the arrival of KOTUG-owned ‘SD Grace’, ‘Seaways 20’ and ‘Seaways 22’, KOTUG will operate a total of five (5) Offshore Terminal Tugs in Guyana.

The vessels predominantly provide support (“tanker lifting operations”) to the large crude oil tankers that are loading crude oil from the two producing FPSOs in the Stabroek field, offshore Guyana before transporting it to various refineries around the world. Other duties include hose-handling, fire-fighting, and oil spill response duties as well as pilot transfer duties in the field.

We appreciate the long term partnership with ExxonMobil. Our well-trained crews especially deserve credit for operating our vessels in a safe and professional manner” says Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO and president of KOTUG International.

KOTUG owns and operates the largest and most sophisticated fleet of Offshore Terminal Tugs, with the first vessel (SD Power) having started in 2021, followed by the second vessel (SD Honour) which commenced operations in August 2022 in Guyana.

All Offshore Terminal tugs are modern, powerful Azimuth Stern Drive (“ASD”) equipped with Dynamic Positioning Class 2 (“DP-2”) and double-ended control ability with winches placed forward and aft on the vessel. The tugs all have experienced crews, including Guyanese seafarers, which have been recruited and trained by KOTUG since the start of operations in Guyana in 2021.

All vessels are engaged in long-term agreements to support offshore production activities in Guyana.