KOTUG says farewell to Margo Kok-Van der Wal as CFO/VP

September 6, 2021

After forty years of service, a multitude of accomplishments and having a defining role in the family-owned company, KOTUG bids farewell to Margo Kok-Van der Wal as CFO/Vice President.

Passion, dedication and expertise are words that characterise Margo, but above all her signature is visible when it comes to connection. Margo has always made an effort to keep the rich heritage alive in the organization. She safeguarded knowledge, expertise and culture, in a way that the current generation of Kotuggers, but also the ones to come, can continue to work together in the spirit of this heritage.

After her appointment as Financial Assistant in 1982, Margo became Financial Director in 1996 and continued her career as CFO/Vice President as of 2002. The foundation of KOTUG International B.V., numerous mergers, acquisitions and divestments were executed under her financial leadership.

Margo steps back as CFO/Vice President as of September 1st 2021. This means she is handing over her day-to-day activities to Ard-Jan Kooren and Osman Munir. Margo will however, remain active for the Kooren family as advisor, and as a member of the board of the Kooren Foundation. Her official retirement will start on May 1st, 2022 at which date she will conclude 40 years with the company!

We thank Margo for her commitment, hard work and inspiration.                                         
Please join us in wishing Margo a safe journey of life for the future.

KOTUG CEO and President, Ard-Jan Kooren (left), Margo Kok-Van der Wal and Osman Munir (CCO) with the artwork called
‘De Verbinding (The Connection) that was handed over to Margo during the farewell party last Friday.