May 16, 2024

Recently, KOTUG International, in collaboration with SKEYE, successfully executed a pilot for our revolutionary Tug Drone. The line transfer was conducted over 400 meters (about 1312.34 ft), from a tug to the helideck of Heerema’s Thialf crane vessel and vice versa.  

This groundbreaking demonstration marks a decisive step for KOTUG to actively integrate drone capabilities in daily tug operations, for the delivery of a messenger line to a predetermined location. Traditionally, tugboat crews position themselves in front of and close to the assisted vessel to grab the heaving line by hand, placing them in the danger zone near the (flared) bow of the vessel. This method poses significant risks, including potential injuries to the deck crew and damage to both the tug and the assisted vessel. 

With our innovative technology, the Tug Drone delivers the messenger line directly to the assisted ship, allowing the tug to sail safely alongside rather than in front of the vessel. This innovation ensures safer and more controlled operations, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. 

We are excited to announce that in Q3 2024, KOTUG and SKEYE will embark on our first Tug Drone project in Guyana. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead the way in maritime innovation! 

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