First copy of the fourth edition of ‘Tug Use in Port. A practical Guide’ offered to Ard-Jan Kooren (KOTUG)

September 20, 2021

Today, author Captain Henk Hensen offered the fourth and fully revised edition to Ard-Jan Kooren, President & CEO of KOTUG International on deck of KOTUG’s training vessel the RT Borkum. The book is considered to be the authoritative guide for everyone who sails a tug since it is a full reference book aimed to increase practical knowledge and safety of operations.

`Tug Use in Port’ focuses on the need for highly trained and educated tug masters and crews, especially in this era of increased technology and environmental requirements. “Training is more important than ever”, says Captain Henk Hensen. “Training is not just a matter of how to do the job, it is also important to understand why. To achieve that, theory is indispensable”. For that reason the book is of great importance also for pilots, ship masters and all others involved in ship handling with tugs.

The IMO also mentioned ‘Tug Use in Port’ to be an authoritative guide on tug operations. It addresses present and future developments, demonstrates how training could be carried out, what should be trained, where the risks are and why. It explains the various tug types, capabilities and limitations, towing equipment and much more. In addition to earlier editions, the fourth edition also discusses decision support systems on board tugs, full electric tugs, tug operations in swell, stopping a ship by tugs, new escort and carrousel tugs, and assisting navy ships.

RT Borkum
Not by chance the small ceremony took place on KOTUG’s RT Borkum, the high-end training vessel of the KOTUG Training & Consultancy division. One chapter of the book is dedicated to autonomous sailing and the RT Borkum was the first harbour tug that could actually sail autonomously, which makes the vessel an ideal location for the ceremony.

Tug Use in Port. A Practical Guide, 4th edition can be ordered at: