Tug Scheduling

OptiPort’s harbour tug scheduling application will support your planners to make the most cost effective use of your fleet and provides them with the tools to gain the best possible insights in the way your tugs are operating.

Managing assets in ports means preparing for unexpected events on a 24/7 basis. Think of a delay of incoming or outgoing vessels. Occurrences like these often overtake the dispatcher’s initial schedules, requiring a time-consuming rescheduling process. As a result, the dispatch team is constantly anticipating and updating its schedules, and planning has become a complex exercise. Even more when you take applicable business rules, labour laws and nautical rules into account.


  • A smarter planning leading to lower sailing speeds and subsequently  less fuel usage; a significant OPEX reduction of up to 40%
  • A changing role of your dispatchers from reactive to proactive;
  • Minimising delay of vessels and outsourcing of jobs to competing operators.

The decisions of dispatchers are no longer subject to the scheduling experience of individual team members, but are entirely based on facts and transparent rules without compromising on nautical rules, commercial contracts or scheduling flexibility.

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