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The E-Pusher™ is a modular and scalable electric pusher tug.

The E-Pusher Series has three models ranging from 5,5 to 22 meters in length and a maximum depth of 0,45 to 1,35 meters resulting in a draft that is 30% less than conventional pusher tug designs. The swappable energy containers range from Stage V diesel, (Bio)gas and Hydrogen to battery solutions.

Hull and Frame
Steel frame to support all (horizontal) push forces and distributes (vertical) weights of the various components on deck.
Hull is made of Polyethyleen (PE) which provides the buoyancy and resists water forces of the vessel during sailing.

100% recyclable | fast and cheap building process by Roto moulding | lightweight |extremely tough due to the PE properties | unsinkable due to foam filling | ideal form can be made very low resistance | no anti-fouling needed

Specifications of the medium size (other sizes upon request):

Length: 16 metres
Beam: 7.4 metres
Draft/Max: 1.35 metres
Bollard pull: 0 tonnes
Fifi: optional
Get in touch

T. +31 10 217 0 217

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