Disrupt the Status Quo with a Holistic Hose Management Partner

February 10, 2020

The current market needs cooperation and support for EMEA and On Site Assistance, so much so that clients have expressed a market urgency in the hose planning sphere. Currently clients are approaching the market directly or via their agents for assistance. This creates a gap of knowledge transfer where clients have top-of-the-range products, but are unsure how to maintain and operate this optimally. 

Market Need for Holistic Hose Planning

When it comes to hose planning, emergency support for immediate onsite engineering in case of failure is the first pain point that comes to mind, but when one approaches hose planning holistically, the market need becomes even more complex.

To avoid numerous emergency scenarios, there is a need for better hose logistics and storage, installation, testing and disposal tools and procedures. Procedures that favour hose life extension while maintaining the low level of risks and high level of performance. 

For this reason, Marsol developed its Advanced Systems Integrity Management (ASIM) Program, an all-encompassing solution that ensures quality and efficiency fit for purpose.

Market Development Strategy & Brand Enhancement for Hose Planning

To approach this market need, short term and long term hose planning is required. 

Short term services aim to increase volumes per customer.


  • Direct sales through Agents
  • Provide enhancement services
  • Tendering -Upsell Options
  • Build relationships through long term call out services

Long term services aim to increase market share without necessity to increase individual clients’ volumes.


  • Retain existing clients
  • Develop new clients
  • Strengthen your brand locally and worldwide
  • Through: Differentiators
  • Localized rapid engineering response
  • ASIM –Integrity management support leading to
  • Hose life extension and life cycle management programs

Through short and long term hose planning, we enhance agents capability by supporting agents with value added tools.

This holistic hose planning approach changes focus from basic factory sales into enhanced turn key solution packages including:

•Site assessment (Operational)

•Site Specific Modeling





By proactively working with a holistic hose planning service provider like Marsol, agents can offer their clients aftersales and integrity services endorsed by the factory : An approach that disrupts the status quo.

Choosing your Hose Planning Partner

Ensure that your hose planning partner’s people are trained at the factory to ensure OEM aligned solutions and warranty protection programs. 

Our Main Drivers

  • We reduce client’ costs whilst
  • Enhancing the service by
  • redirecting expenditure

In order to:

  • Maintain the intrinsic value of the facility
  • Avoid interruption
  • Safe operating practices with reduced risk
  • Protect the environment
  • Establish possible points of failure and mitigations programs
  • Ensuring term cost effective functionality of the facility and assets Contributing to
  • Long Term Market Development Strategy & Client Support

Establishing your hose management service focus

Services should address potential points of failure in support of its long term techno-commercial integrity management programs. This includes

  • Integrity management and life extension of the facility and its individual components (pipeline, SPM, PLEM, hoses)
  • Life prediction of the asset based on design criteria, Cause & Effect studies, and actual site conditions
  • Collection and Analysis of the data to achieve realistic prediction and comparison risks
  • Spares optimisation, storage, preservation program, cost reduction, material recycling
  • Establishing service centers, identifying common denominators thus achieving standardisation and commonality of design
  • Achieving economies of scale and optimisation of holding/hidden costs

Such a holistic hose management partnership offers the unique opportunity to combine strengths of both the integrity management partner and the agent supplier’s product specific knowledge and field experience.

Packaging this approach means combining expertise to fulfill the client’s expectations without losing focus on respective core competencies.

Your hose management plan should also be designed to offer

  • Optimal risk management
  • Minimization of OPEX and downtime costs
  • Increased reliability and achievement of max life
  • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX Expenditure while considering cause and effect.