Sustainability for your offshore terminal: Finding the right solution

September 1, 2020

When it comes to optimizing an offshore terminal, various factors must be considered in order to remain within regulation, while balancing efficiency and sustainability. MARSOL specializes in offshore terminals and related infrastructure.  We provide commercial and technical marine service solutions, including Engineering, Project Management, Operations & Maintenance, Inspection Repair & Maintenance (IRM) and Integrity Management. This places us in a unique position to observe and understand how various factors of an offshore terminal influence one another.

With over 50 years of experience in the field, we have developed a holistic approach to integrity management that carefully balances the influencing factors of each unique terminal in order to find a solution that is right for each offshore terminal. 

The right solution for your offshore terminal

In pursuit of the best solution it is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all prescription, but merely a method to finding the right solution to each unique business model and terminal, instead of a single ‘best’ solution for all. 

This method is a complex balancing act between minimising OpEx and CapEx, while increasing safety and efficiency without introducing more risk. 

Integrity management for offshore terminals and assets

Through applying integrity-based Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM) and creating an asset history, we can modify operations and maintenance philosophies and associated work programmes periodically to reflect changes brought about by any influencing factors and unusual events thus reducing risk to the system. These changes create the opportunity for us to review the current programme, identify areas of improvement and design changes on the system components to safely and economically optimise future activities and schedules and minimise related OpEx costs all the while ensuring all updated IRM philosophies are agreed by the OEM/ CLASS as needed. 

As a specialist SPM O&M company MARSOL provides site-specific and fully optimised services to allow the client/operator to focus on their core activities, and not be diverted by non-core activities. Our team of specialist management personnel develops and manages all offshore activity programmes associated with the SPM on behalf of the client.

Our ultimate goal is to provide safe operations and maintenance of the terminal and allow efficient and cost-effective import or export between the tanker and the offshore oil facility by optimising the use of assets and resources. Through the installation of procedures and tools that help clients extend the lifespan of their assets, we concentrate on clear-cut maritime packages capable of minimising long-term OpEx exposure. 

We manage and operate third-party owned vessels manned according to international best practice, and employ specialist professionals during the specified contract period to perform all marine works. Therefore, our focus is on the optimisation of the client’s OpEx and not on the maximum utilisation of our own assets. 

In this way, we help clients to build autonomy, and as such reduce their risk and dependency. As part of our unique approach, we develop procedures and protocols for each offshore terminal and train the client’s terminal staff to take over all management activities for a sustainable future. 

Achieve sustainability for your offshore terminals and assets

As MARSOL is actively involved in all phases of the SPM life cycle (i.e. from the cradle to the grave), we are in a unique position to understand the typical points of failure. Moreover, we have spent much effort in services that look for opportunities to maximise the Asset’s service life, irrespective of whether MARSOL is contracted by Owners/Operators, Consultants, Contractors or others.  

To be sustainable means that the offshore terminal is designed, engineered and managed in such a way that it favours longevity over short-term burn-out. Alongside this type of integrity management for marine terminals, is also the preservation of company reputation and upholding of fiduciary duties in a sustainable way.

Sustainable design for marine terminals

Throughout all of the MARSOL integrity programmes, we use tools such as computer simulations, physical scale modelling, cause and effect risk assessment, performance and metocean data gathering, to name but a few. These allow us to create turn-key solutions, perform design/service validation and enhancements or re-Engineering, ultimately enhancing the contracting parties’ “exit reputation” and warranty protection.

Sustainable management of marine assets

Safety is our priority, and by understanding the potential points of failure and influencing factors, we can meet and exceed the industry standard SPM Terminal Regulations and procedures. True to our parent company, KOTUG, we ensure the team carries out the services with all due diligence, efficiency and economy without compromising safe practices, even in times of world crisis.. This is achieved through prudent practices, accepted techniques used in the industry, sound management, technical and engineering expertise, use of appropriate advanced technology, and safe and operational equipment, facilities, assets, and methods.

In conclusion

Whether greenfield or brownfield, it is never too early or too late to make the right decision. Invest time and money into finding the right solution for your offshore terminal for a sustainable business with lower risk and minimised long-term OpEx, while improving efficiency and safety. 

Does this balancing act seem too good to be true? Get in touch for a consultation today.