KOTUG is committed to achieving a healthy workplace and to work with respect for the environment. Safe and sound operations, the well-being of everyone involved, respect for the environment and an excellent level of training and competence are absolute requisites for achieving this goal.


KOTUG cares profoundly for the health and safety of every individual and our environment. Therefore, KOTUG firmly believes that identifying environmental aspects and impacts, as well as the hazards and risks for occupational health and safety are essential to building and maintaining a safe and environmentally engaged culture. 


An important part of KOTUG’s culture is improvement and encouraging people to provide and share essential safety and environmental related information in an atmosphere of trust.

KOTUG will not allow commercial pressure to undermine our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards. Our HSE policy applies to everyone involved in KOTUG’s operations; KOTUG’s own employees and subcontractors.

The HSE objectives are to:

  • Prevent any kind of injury to anyone involved in KOTUG operations

  • Prevent damage to the environment with marine environment in particular

  • Prevent damage to assets and loss of material matters

  • Prevent hindering the community





Certifications and registrations


KOTUG has certifications for


  • ISO9001 (Lloyds Register)
  • ISM-Code (Lloyds Register, on voluntary basis)
  • MLC 2006 for the vessels (Lloyds Register, on voluntary basis)





KOTUG has been registered to the Shell Supplier Qualification System since 2014.

KOTUG has been registered to Achilles First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) since 2015.

KOTUG is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU) since 2009.