About Office Malaysia, KUALA LUMPUR


Since October 2014, KOTUG assists all LNG vessels at the Shell Brunei LNG Terminal with three powerful Rotortugs.


Brunei Shell Petroleum Company awarded KOTUG as their exclusive towage provider with a 24/7 operation, supported by local management. 


With effect from November 1st, 2015 KOTUG Asia Sdn. Bhd. commenced towage activities with its powerful Rotortugs in the port of Tanjung Pelapas (PTP) Malaysia.


KOTUG Asia started its operations with two powerful 65 tons bollard pull Rotortugs, RT Claire and RT Stéphanie in PTP delivering innovative, efficient and safe 24/7 operations supported by local Malaysian management and experienced crew. KOTUG Asia is able to rapidly expand its fleet with more powerful tugboats.