OFFSHORE and salvage

KOTUG has an extensive track record in offshore towage support. We provide services to the offshore, renewables, dredging and oil and gas industry. Our expertise includes decommissioning, construction, rig moves and offshore terminals. KOTUG has vast experience in operating general support vessels as well as anchor handling tug supply vessels.




KOTUG uses the advanced Rotortug technique. Watch the video for a short overview of the specific features of the Rotortug®, which makes this vessel stand out and explains why it is the preferred tugboat type for some of the most challenging operations in difficult offshore and environmental conditions across the globe.





Kotug starts with the client's goal in mind. For every offshore project we provide a solution that fits the requirements like a glove; not only do we select tug boats that are best suited to the job, but we also provide experienced tow masters, expert advice, project coordination, towing manuals and tailored training when required. We can even simulate and calculate the entire operation at our Maritime Excellence Center.




KOTUG has an extensive portfolio of offshore projects, ranging from a recent decommissioning of a platform in the North Sea to platform installation in Africa and everything inbetween.


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Salvage operations are carried out professionally and safely by KOTUG’s dedicated staff and well trained crew at sea and in ports. Through the company’s international network KOTUG monitors ships’ emergency situations continuously.


This enables KOTUG to quickly respond to any vessel in distress. The KOTUG tugs have successfully completed several major salvage cases either operating solo or with co-contractors.


KOTUG tugs are well equipped with emergency response equipment and our crew is well trained to act in case of emergency.


For salvage call 24/7:

T. +31 10 217 0 246