Offshore and Salvage


On a global scale KOTUG’s offshore division provides specialist towage and related services to the offshore, wind farm, dredging and oil and gas industry (rig moves, construction, decommissioning). KOTUG has a vast experience in operating general support vessels as well as anchor handling tug supply vessels. The highly manoeuvrable Rotortugs have brought a new perception to the precise-moving of jack-up rigs in the North Sea. Rotortugs have proven their operational effectiveness; the tugs are appreciated by clients in especially the final positioning and de-positioning of jack-up rigs on and off their respective operational sites. The tugs are fully qualified for the North Sea quality standards, to move rigs from one well to the other. The Rotortugs’ manoeuvrability is hugely beneficial to reduce turnaround times in the vicinity of working islands and platforms.

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Salvage operations are carried out professionally and safely by KOTUG’s dedicated staff and well trained crew at sea and in ports. Through the company’s international network KOTUG monitors ships’ emergency situations continuously. This enables KOTUG to quickly respond to any vessel in distress. The KOTUG tugs have been involved in several major salvage cases in the North Sea, either operating solo or with co-contractors. The KOTUG tugs are well equipped with emergency response equipment and our crew is well trained to act in case of emergency.

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KOTUG has been registered to the Shell Supplier Qualification System since 2014

KOTUG has been registered to Achilles First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) since 2015

KOTUG is a member of the international salvage union (ISU) since 2009. Our crew and office staff are being trained during salvage seminars, held on a regular basis.